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Getting Rid of Your Car is So Easy!

I bet you did not know that in getting rid of your car, you could impress your significant other. Here is how!

I know, I know, getting rid of your car feels like a big task that is going to take up too much of your time. Modesto Cash for Cars has made this process simple, convenient, and lucrative. On a scale of difficulty, this task equals to that of choosing which streaming service to watch after a long day of work. Modesto Cash for Cars makes this to-do task frictionless. Listing a car in the classifieds takes up way too much of your time, plus you have to deal with people who will try to argue you, complain, or not show up to look at the car. Who has time for that?

To make money off your car, and get rid of it same day, this is all you need to do.

  • Call our Modesto office at (209) 846-3637 and they can give you a price for your car right over the phone.
  • Or you can fill out a contact form online to get an instant price.
  • Once the price is agreed upon, Modesto Cash for Cars, will come to you! That is right, you don’t even have to leave the house to sell your car (must be located in Modesto).
  • Generally, they can have your car towed the very same day (not always guaranteed)!
  • They will even take care of all the hassle regarding the DMV paperwork so that you do not have to worry about that step at all.

What if your car is in bad condition, is a junk car, or does not pass emissions?

  • Good news! They take even junk cars that do not run. Here are the types of cars they will accept:
  • Nice cars.
  • Cars that are in as-is condition.
  • Damaged cars due to big accidents.
  • Cars that do not pass the emissions test.
  • Cars with a salvaged title.
  • Non-running or junk cars.
  • We purchase even junk cars; our tow truck will take care of the junk car removal and will have the car delivered to the Modesto junk yard.

How your car will be valued.

  • Cash for Cars takes into consideration things such as the year, make, model, mileage, and condition of the car.
  • If there is damage, or rust, that will impact the value of the car.
  • Market demand for your car will play a role in the value as well, as some cars have higher resale value than others.

Reasons why you should contact Modesto Cash for Cars to sell your car.

  • You can have your car off your property, generally the same day you call in.
  • You can make money on even your junkiest, damaged, failed-emission car.
  • It is easier than using an online classified source, and you will not have to worry about haggling with others.
  • They take care of the towing (for all cars, nice cars to junk cars), and all the DMV paperwork.
  • Did I mention this process is easy? Because, let me say it again. It is so easy!

What to expect when selling on classifieds.

  • Time spent cleaning and detailing your car, taking pictures, uploading pictures, writing out every little detail about your car online.
  • Taking even more time to answer people’s questions, give out your address to strangers (scary), so that they can come and check out your car, and take it for test drives.
  • Wait, and wait, and wait some more for the right buyer.
  • If it is a junk car, try to arrange (and pay for) a tow truck.
  • Spend even more time dealing with the DMV and the paperwork involved.
  • Daydream about all the other things you could have done instead worry about all of this.

Bottom line, ain’t nobody got time for that!

With the summer upon us, you have better things to do with your precious time than worry about posting your car online, or even worry about the clunker in the driveway – especially after the rough year we have all dealt with. Time is a limited resource and when there is a process in place where you can make money, and let someone else do the work for you, well, the choice is simple. Make this easy on yourself and contact Cash for Cars to check this task off your to-do list TODAY! Our friendly staff will be happy to answer questions you have, and eager to help you out! Modesto Cash for Cars will ensure your experience is smooth and painless.

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